The Manor’s elegance and grandeur put the property in a category of luxury all on its own. Perched atop approximately five acres of exquisitely landscaped land in prestigious Holmby Hills, the 56,000-square-foot masterpiece is larger than The White House.  


The Manor is a home unlike any other in the world.

Originally built by entertainment royalty Candy and Aaron Spelling in 1988 and designed by architects James Langenheim & Associates, the fourteen-bedroom, 27-bath French château-style residence sits on five impeccably manicured acres.


A mega-mansion for the ages.

 The Manor boasts a double staircase and entryway with 30-foot-tall ceilings, nightclub, salon, flower-cutting room, spa with massage parlor, basement bowling alley, and a large fish tank full of exotic fish - just to name a few of the countless amenities throughout the 123 rooms in the estate. 


Secluded and beautifully landscaped, The Manor will transport you outside of the bustling city and a world of unparalleled luxury, privacy and beauty.

Outside, guests can indulge in the tennis court, citrus orchard, koi pond, swimming pool with pool house, and gardens which are contained within the 4.7 acres.